Friday, July 26, 2013

I knew that. I told you that.

A new study shows that the full moon causes sleep problems. Really? You don't say... Here's the CNN article.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It doesn't pay much

There isn't much money in my savings account--almost nothing, really. If I offer it to you as payment to kill me, would you do it? I don't know you, you don't know me...

I know the most interesting, dynamic, strong, fascinating, creative, successful women. I am not one of them. It pains me that I can't be more, or at least more like them.

Failure doesn't make me sad. Mediocrity doesn't inspire me to work harder. It's only what I am capable of, and that's my reality. Wa-wa-wa...I can't even write my own blog anymore.

So, if I pay you, will you end my sad existence? I should mention I don't actually have any money because my debts outweigh my savings. But you come here, you check in, you're interested in what I have to say, so maybe you care enough to help a sister out? I mean really out?

No? OK. I will keep shuffling on, but please don't expect any actual results.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I stepped away from my blog for awhile. I'm sure you noticed.

This week, I've been rereading 2008. I don't remember writing most of those posts, so when I revisit them, it feels like I'm peering into someone else's life.

Those posts are incredibly well written, funny, insightful, and painfully deep. Where did those thoughts come from? Why can't I write like that anymore?

Today I reread the post about Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath (45 Mercy Street). What part of my brain put these words together so beautifully? I feel I should clarify. I still think that way; I just can't write it down that way.

Stick with me. It's probably all going to come back.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miscellaneous trivia

Things you probably don't know about me:
  • I don't drink milk.
  • I don't drink anything carbonated. Ever.
  • I don't chew gum. Ever.
  • I can't make it through the National Anthem without crying.
  • I'm a terrible farmer but a halfway decent gardener.
  • I don't take very good care of my car.
  • I don't take very good care of myself anymore.
  • I have some suicide-related thought every day. Not necessarily my own.
  • I work my liver a little too hard.
  • I'm allergic to cold.
  • I can fly a hot air balloon.
  • I rarely sleep more than four hours a night. This is a problem.
  • I was engaged in my twenties. It didn't work out.
  • I have eight email accounts and four Twitter accounts.
  • I believe I am wholly unloved.
  • I think cilantro tastes like soap.
  • I only dust the furniture in my house three or four times a year. I mop the floors less frequently.
  • People think I'm smart, but I'm actually kind of stupid.
  • I have a cabinet full of an exit strategy.
  • I once almost moved to Portland, Oregon site unseen.