Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catching up

Let's see, what's been going on in May's world...

  • My workplace is physically moving to a new location. Not fun.
  • A mouse ran across my desk while I was checking voice mail. Maybe the move is a really good thing.
  • Only 75 percent of my gardening ever happened this season. I'm kind of OK with that, but it's still nagging at me a little.
  • While backing out of a parking space, I caused $400 in damage to my car by hitting a concrete garage pillar. Sigh. Two days later...
  • I had a car accident. It was the third time in five years I've been rear-ended while waiting at a stop light. People, hang up your fucking cell phone and just focus on the drive. The drive, damn it, it's all about the drive.
  • My car sustained $4,000 in damage.
  • Having a rental car for a week stressed me out considerably because I hated the car and I don't like driving a car I don't own.
  • I have a lower back injury from the accident. Because my back and pelvis really needed another cosmic whack.
  • I got a really good job review.
  • I don't really like my job since it changed.
  • I'm grateful just to be employed.
  • Frank wants us to get smart phones and he's a bit petulant that I won't "upgrade." I think the phones we have are plenty smart. Smart enough. I don't want to pay $160 for service that currently costs me $100.
  • My favorite coworker had a devastating stroke. She's 43 years old, thin, fit, and doesn't smoke. We're all screwed in this life, aren't we?
  • My nonprofit side project moved into a big, four-room suite of offices. It's a good thing, but now I can't sleep at night because I'm worried about how we're going to pay the rent. Also, my back hurts.
  • Oh, I did get to see a live performance/recording of my favorite public radio show, so that was cool.
  • Syria, Palestine, MH17, Congress, southern border immigration flood, Republicans, Tea Party morons, Hobby Lobby, a moronic Supreme Court, fracking, Ebola virus, imprisoned journalists worldwide...My heart hurts and I can't sleep.
That's my summer so far.