Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you're sick, stay home

I'm sitting here wondering why people who have secure, salaried jobs with generous sick leave policies don't stay home from work when they are ill. Why do people think it's some badge of honor to show they are "tougher" than a virus and don't need to take time off? Why do they feel they need to prove something? More important, why do they think it's perfectly OK to let their ego prevail while spreading their contagious crap to all of the people around them? That is some fucked-up sense of self worth or self-importance. (I'm not talking about people in low-wage or hourly jobs who lose pay if they don't work.)

People, there is no merit in showing how awesomely strong you are when your immune system trips you up. Getting sick is not a character flaw. But coming to work and surrounding yourself with other people is.

Don't be an asshole.Think about all of the other people you're exposing and potentially making sick--and how much your "toughness" may be complicating someone else's health..and life.