Thursday, June 14, 2007

No defense for the mentally defective

Usually, I am no big defender of the Second Amendment, but last week, my inner Libertarian raised her indignant head and roared after watching the head of the National Rifle Association on the CBS Morning Show.

Wayne LaPierre is not what I would call an eloquent spokesman for his or any other organization, yet there he was pontificating on the need to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally defective. No clear definition yet of what that means.

Rather than repeat myself, I prefer to direct you to's Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder Website. When the bill passed, I wrote a letter to the editors of this site recommending that they address the issue on their site, especially for those who were unaware of the legislation. (Click on the underlined hyperlink in that previous sentence to access the article.)

I write under no fewer than six psuedonyms "out there" because stigma is very real in this culture and I can't risk being marginalized any further. The "community member" they quoted is me.

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