Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I just unfriended everyone on Facebook. Technically. I deactivated my account. I couldn't take the fact that people I know and like turned out to be awful. They not only voted for Trump, they got sucked into a spiral of championing all of the hate, believing all of the lies, and embracing all of the vitriol and rhetoric that Trump called talking points.

When my sister-in-law posted something along the lines of "The reason Republicans are late to vote is because they are busy working," and implied that Democrats are lazy leeches who don't work, I snapped.

I've been putting in 70-hour weeks for some time now. I make the world a better place. I work my fucking ass off, I'm fiscally responsible, and I don't understand this mindset that being a registered Democrat means I somehow deserve deriding mockery.  I couldn't take it anymore. People are so glib to demean good, hard-working people without any thought about what they are really saying.

I feel like the last 18 months have been a gradual awakening for me. I will not be bullied or barked at by people who pretend to be friends. I've been gradually excising a few out of my life for months now, but today I decided to just cut deep and start over.

I'm sure some will be confused by this, not because they lack self-awareness, but because they lack self-honesty. They will claim they don't remember saying hurtful things or being unkind or being generous with their snark or being demeaning or disrespectful, but I've kept a tally.

This is how I live my life. I give people a chance to be decent. If they repeatedly fail, I simply...walk away.

It felt particularly good today.

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