Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exactly as it appears

Sometimes a bad mood is just a bad mood. Sometimes fatigue is just fatigue and sleeplessness is nothing more than a hormonal hiccup.

This is one of the many pitfalls of Bipolar Disorder. Once people know, they tend to assume that any anomaly of emotion or behavior must be the disorder talking. Experiencing normal mood fluctuations, frustration, bad days, or even a fit of the giggles no longer goes unobserved without judgment and analysis. Somehow, having this disorder means "normal" just stops being taken into consideration.

Knowing this, realizing it will always be this way, makes me very sad. But not, you know, sad. No, really, I'm not being argumentative. Stop looking at me that way. Can't I just feel sad once in awhile? Oh, leave me alone. No, I'm not self-isolating. Yes, I toook my meds, you ass. Pass the Xanax.

It's like that.

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Spilling Ink said...

"Yes, I toook my meds, you ass. Pass the Xanax."


You're one cool customer, May! I like ya!