Friday, November 23, 2007

When the brainucopia runneth over

Having spent yesterday feeling grateful for many, many things, I was still left with the nagging feeling that I had forgotten something. I made a mental checklist: The iron was off and unplugged. No candles burning, no doors or windows left open, the stove is off, bills were mailed, no appointments missed...

Ah! Yes. Today I went rooting through the mountains of paper clutter that teeter in every corner of my home office (and the coffee table), looking for the birthday card I knew I bought for my husband about a month ago. I never buy cards in advance for just this reason--they get pulled into the paper clutter vortex, not to be seen again until the next time we have company. Maybe. If I actually sort the paper clutter and don't just throw it into a shopping bag for its next stage of storage.

I found the bag with the birthday card, along with three other cards. Ohhh, Thanksgiving cards for my mom and a friend. Crap! How could I forget to mail three cards? Forget the mail part. How did I forget I bought three cards in the first place?

I am senile. I am a flake. My brain is full.


Spilling Ink said...

You have a paper clutter vortex, too? I feel for ya, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been whittling mine down, but - DAMN - what a mess!

Being a senile flake is different from having a full brain, you know. :-)

May Voirrey said...

I believe there is a convergence of brain capacity issues and senility happening in my head.

Spilling Ink said...

Hmmm... I have often wondered if having a too-full brain, for an extended period of time, can CAUSE senility. I sure as hell hope not! If it can, then I'm screwed.