Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little secrets

Every time I have a medication change, if I still have refills on the discontinued medication, I keep getting them filled until they run out. I've been doing this for several years. I have a huge collection of cyclics, benzos, sleeping pills, lithium, and painkillers, among others.

I take comfort in having this copious stash in my home, available to me at any time.

You never know.


Lynn said...

I do the same with the benzos. Doc used to give me more than I needed and I like to be ahead of the game. That way I can ditch the doctor for a really long time. I like that. I don't much care for going to doctors. But... I know what you mean, too. That's why I had my husband take them and hide them. It would suck to do something that I might have changed my mind about later - after it becomes impossible to change my mind. Thinking it out is one thing, and it's a thing I probably wouldn't actually, rationally decide to do unless things were much worse. For me it is the fit of despair where I am not thinking right that is a danger. I've done that twice in a fit of despair. Obviously I lived to feel like an idiot about it. Take care, May. I hope you are treating yourself like a queen. You deserve certain things, you know. Bubble bath, good book, or whatever floats your boat. :-)

May Voirrey said...

Well, thanks. I, as you know, loathe going to the doctor and will avoid it at any cost. That, coupled with the emotional anxiety I had when I had no insurance to cover my meds, made me start hoarding--sort of get while the gettin's good so I'd always have a reserve.

At some point my motives shifted somewhat. It's not as dangerous as it sounds. It actually calms me to know I always have options, even those options aren't what other people would consider rational.

I think I'm getting the flu.