Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now what?

Home again.

Now that my trip is over, I am left with the following ways to fill my time until September 2:

  • Sort through piles of mail that have accumulated for months
  • Sort clutter in pretty much any room of the house
  • Sort through mountains of clothes in the basement (they don't fit and I need to get over it.)
  • Pay bills
  • Sleep (ha!)
  • Read something more substantial than More magazine
  • Bake something for my husband
  • Cook dinner for the duration of the summer
  • Update my iPod
  • Try to (once again) teach myself to play my djembe drums
  • Clean the house (hahaha!)
  • Design a landscaping/hardscape plan for the now-rock-and-bark-chip-free 50'x15' swath of land behind the house.
I will also have to observe my dog. She had a seizure yesterday, and my husband is a wreck. We're waiting on blood work results and then a trip to the neurologist. My husband said that of course the dog I adopted would have a brain problem. Yes, he was kidding.

I have no friends within a range of about 5,000 ZIP codes, so I am already missing the company of Jolie, her husband, and her doggies.


Tomorrow, a story about my favorite addiction, Bijoux Terner and the weird sales clerks who always seem to be there when I am...

1 comment:

Laurel said...

Hope all goes well with your sweet dog.

Throwing things out always makes me feel better and gives me the illusion (delusion?) that I'm decluttering my house...