Monday, September 10, 2007

Truly anonymous

I'm not sure why I keep my thoughts here, in a blog. I should be filing these things on a flash drive or in a 3-ring notebook. I'm pretty sure my words live in total obscurity, a cyber spilling of my soul that remains totally anonymous and unread--wherever.

I thought writing would make me feel better, but it hasn't. There are five people in my life who know about this blog, and three of them told me, "Tell me when there's something there I should read. I'm just not going to remember to check in and read your blog on my own." As far as I know, the other two people have totally forgotten about the existence of this portal into my brain.

If a blog goes unread in cyberspace, does it exist at all? More important, do I still have to proofread?


CharleyS said...

Nope, you are not living in total obscurity.

bThough I'll admit to a slightly weird voyeuristic thrill I get from reading personal blogs...

Don't go and get a whole cadre of readers and spoil it for me, ok?

May Voirrey said...

Well, now, Charley, it appears you've given me a reason to keep blogging. Knowing that someone is checking in makes this much more whatever-the-opposite-of-pointless is.

I'm really not too optimistic about building an overwhelming fan base, so no worries about me selling out to please the masses.