Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sca-roo Yooo

Dr. L:

I received your separation letter. Sorry it didn’t work out. All things considered, and I do realize you disagree, I do not believe that consumers should be bullied or badgered into submitting to procedures they do not wish to have, nor should they be forced to spend money that is earmarked for other—much more critical—expenses. I work incredibly hard in the course of my 60-70-hour work week; taking that into consideration, I believe I should be the one who controls how and where my carefully budgeted time and very hard-earned money are spent. This should never be dictated by someone else, especially someone who has no insight at all into my financial or professional situations. We’ll have to concede that our respective views on these points constitute a difference of philosophy that makes us incompatible as care provider and client. (See? I do get it.)

Since my insurance company tells me they actually don’t have any Primary Care Provider requirement for my plan, I see no need to hire a new physician at this time. Given that, I certainly understand that you may not wish to store my patient records indefinitely. If that is the case, feel free to send them to me for safe-keeping and I’ll pass the records along, should I someday require the services of a doctor. Otherwise, I’ll assume your office will hold onto the records until some future health care provider requests them.

Finally, I’ve included two articles I came across just this week—they seemed timely, all things considered. One summarizes recently-published study findings regarding regular check-ups; the other is about how doctors and women just can’t communicate with each other. I hope you find them somewhat insightful. I certainly did.


Ms. May Voirrey


Spilling Ink said...

Very well written. :-)

May Voirrey said...

Thank you. The first five versions made me sound like a raging lunatic. Once I got that out of my system, I was able to sound like a rational (albeit a little bitchy) adult. Dr. L is far too arrogant to care what I think, but I feel better saying what's on my mind.