Monday, August 10, 2009

You call this a vacation?

On my to-do list for the next two weeks (seriously):
  • dust and vacuum living room and dining room before painting
  • sand the dozens of spackle spots in said rooms
  • clear off the dining room table. Yikes.
  • paint living/dining
  • fix the vacuum cleaner
  • try to fix the ceramic tabletop fountain
  • rearrange powder room vanity
  • declutter and clean the bedroom because it's awful, awful, awful
  • iron about 300 pieces of clothing
  • sort 300 pieces of clothing for give away
  • work on two of the basement rooms. Possibly hopeless.
  • clean out the car
  • wash the car or get it washed
  • perform self-surgery to remove skin tag under left arm
  • maybe go to the art museum or the gardens
  • get my hair trimmed
  • dust and vacuum guest room in preparation for Mom's Labor Day visit
  • fertilize houseplants
  • think happy, peaceful, relaxing thoughts
  • learn to accept that BP and chronic pain have irrevocably changed my life and that's just the way it is and will always be
  • cook dinner most days to give Frank a break
  • do PT exercises
  • keep ironing
  • think of ways to not feel so sad all the time
  • try to banish suicide ideation
  • try to understand the origins of despair
  • go to the movies if I can find a movie that's not loud, violent, traumatizing, or depressing (note to self: skip "The Cove.")
  • spend some time outside in the sunshine just enjoying it (I'm so fat, I'm too embarrassed to go for a walk during daylight hours)
And that's my two-week vacation plan.

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