Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The fine print

The great Pilates research study had a clause in the contract I thought was just filler. Turned out it was real. When I signed the participation agreement, I also agreed to sit for a taped interview discussing the experience.

I showed up today, wearing some makeup and with my hair actually having made contact with a brush. That's when I was informed there were technical difficulties and I would have to apply mascara, lipstick, and mousse two days in a row.

I was expecting a short taped conversation with a Handi-Cam. Ummmm, no. This is a real-deal professional gig with a producer/director, a camera guy, a lighting guy, and a sound guy. They are infomercial. And I agreed to participate because I am a research slut who wanted a free Pilates Reformer.

Pretty funny considering I don't allow anyone to take my picture. I just trimmed my bangs and the hair framing my face using my Fiskar's Razor-Sharp sewing scissors. It didn't counteract the homeliness, but at least I can see again. And, we know I can still be trusted to use Fiskar's Razor-Sharp sewing scissors around my face and neck without severing my jugular.

Bedtime or I won't be ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille.

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