Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, developed by Shirley Jean Schmidt, is meant to reintegrate the malformed parts of the inner child's psyche with the properly developed adult parts.

According to the Website,
The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) is a psychotherapy approach which helps child parts get unstuck from the past, so they can grow to meet their full potential now.
And this is the approach my new therapist wants to try with me. Could it be that because she does a lot of work with children, she sees child related problems in adult clients?

I'm skeptical that my issues of disappointment in regard to my health are rooted in my childhood. Maybe I'm just not cut out for therapy at all. I'm too cynical and weirded out by it.

Read about DNMS therapy here. I'll be sitting in the corner weeping into my Froot Loops.


lAUREL said...

Just remember what they say about therapy -- it's gonna hurt before it feels better. Hang in there. It does help, really.

May Voirrey said...

True that, but I'm going to look for an approach that doesn't involve my inner child or a therapist whose office is crammed full of toys--but no Kleenex.