Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fat girl tip of the week

Shorts are wonderful staple of the summer wardrobe, unless you're barely 5'2" and pushing 200 pounds. In that case, floaty summer skirts and simple summer sun dresses are a more dignified approach to hot weather fashion.

Shorts have the advantage of ease of movement at the upper thigh, since the fabric prevents chafing. There's no discomfort quite like the discomfort of "thigh skid." There have been many summer days when I lifted my skirt to check on the burning, only to see a large red, raised, puffy section of each inner thigh kissing the other. At this point, only ice packs can provide any help, followed by copious amounts of Gold Bond Powder.

Last summer, I had an idea while getting ready to start my day. While standing with a container of Adidas Clear Gel antiperspirant in my hand, I was reminded of something that cyclists use on long-distance rides: BodyGlide stick. Wouldn't any slick gel product that suppresses sweating work just as well?

I had nothing to lose by trying.

My unscientific trials proved my idea has merit. I apply a liberal coating of clear gel (unscented) anti-perspirant to each inner thigh just after I dry off post-shower. I'm careful to keep my legs apart for the next five minutes so the gel can completely dry. This works and it has far more staying power than powder. Soft & Dri clear powder stick anti-perspirant will do if no gel is available.

Maybe with an adept change in packaging, I can finally make my millions. Hmmm...

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