Sunday, May 16, 2010

The laws of physics elude me.

In mid-December, I weighed 199 pounds. that's a lot of bad self-esteem packed onto a 61.75-inch frame.

Yesterday I weighed 182.4 pounds. That's a difference of about 18 pounds. I can't take much credit for it--most of that change was due to adding more protein to my diet and stopping medications.

Still, it begs the question: After an 18-lb. difference, why hasn't my clothing size changed? When will I be able to wear pants that aren't a 16W? I'm not even close to a size change. All of my 1X tops fit the same. My pants are still snug in the thighs. Woud it kill my ass to rearrange itself to fit into a pair of 14W jeans?

I understand that I may never fit into clothes that aren't plus sizes. In fact, I suspect I'll still take this size when I weigh 104. It seems to be my body's own interpretation of the rules of matter and how it occupies space.

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