Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Andy Rooney agrees

The day I posted the previous essay about fall, Andy Rooney made a commentary about the seasons on that night's 60 Minutes. You can read the full essay here, although I disagree with his views on summer and winter. Here's his take on fall:

I think if we had a vote, fall would probably be most people's favorite season. Some people who like fall call it autumn. I never use the word "autumn." It sounds pretentious. The down side to fall is it's the beginning of the end of everything. Flowers die, the leaves dry up and come off the trees, water in the lake gets too cold to swim in and vacations are over. First thing you know someone's trying to sell you a Christmas tree.


Lynn said...

I hate fall and I hate Christmas. I don't know if you are a Christmas fan, but I started what might become a tradition on my blog last year. Santa was murdered. Actually, it was more of what might have once been considered 'justifiable homicide'. I want to do it again this year. Like I said, I hate fall and I hate Christmas.

May Voirrey said...

Yes, I hate Christmas. Last year I refused to acknowledge its very existence. No cards, no gifts, no tree, no decorations, no cookies...It was liberating. I'm planning an encore this year.