Thursday, October 4, 2007

Come drive with me, drive with me

I've been driving quite a bit lately, an activity that is sure to bring me a certain amout of stress. This isn't going to be a rant, but I may be incoherent as I've already taken my medications for the night.

I'll admit I'm a conservative driver, but there are drivers out there operating under some questionable interpretations of standard road rules, at least as I understand them, and it leads me to these questions:
  • The Red Light dilemma--stay or go?
  • Yellow lights--what's the point again?
  • Speed limit--baseline speed, upper limit, or merely a suggestion?
  • Shiny glass things that stick out on the sides of the car--why are they such a mystery?
  • Horn--just another means of self-expression and stating opinions, or, safety device?
  • Stop sign--does it really mean "just slow down?"
  • Car interior--phone booth? Snack shack? Home?
  • Changing lanes--do you need to look or does the other lane magically clear for you like Moses at the Red Sea just because you put your turn signal on?
  • Merging. Am I the only one who understands it?
  • Right on red: Should you just go because you heard of a law called "Right On Red?" Who says you can do it only if there's no traffic, no pedestrians, and enough room? If the lanes are all squeezed due to construction, should you wait the ten seconds you need for the left-turn arrow to change? Will ten seconds ruin your ride?

Just wondering if I'm not doing it right. Let me clarify: The above list isn't how I drive--it's based on what I see other drivers do on a daily basis. Nyaaaaaaaa. Be afraid out there; be very afraid. (Follow me--I went to driving school!)

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